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Game cheat page

Note: If you can't see the image in the main page, DO NOT WORRY, it is not the problem withyour computer

Sorry, only a few of games cheats is ready at this moment as this page is still not completed.

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Age of Empires (also workable in The Rise of Rome version)(* means workable in Age of Empires II)
Name Effect
icbm Change the power of Ballista car to 100
bigdaddy Black car with attacking force 300
big momma White car with attacking force 60
pow Babby with attacking force 15
steroids* Make building be faster(immediate)
woodstock* Add 1000 wood
pepperoni pizza* Add 1000 food
coinage* Add 1000 gold
quarry* Add 1000 stone

'A' is up to here

B - D still not avalible


Emergency: The fighters for life
Type Effect
Move mouse to the 'options' button, and type 'sixteen' (no need to wait for anything, just type) Let you choose levels

' E ' is only up to here


Flight Simulator 98
Type Effect
Follow the instructions below:
1) type 'y' for slew driving
2)press F4 
3)press F1 
4)press 'up arrow' 
5) press 'down arrow' 
2) (press F4) rise
3) sink
4) go forward to up to 32766 knots
5) go backward to up to 32766 knots

' F ' is up to here

G - M still not avalible


Need for speed 4:High Stakes
Type Effect
cars All cars
tracks  All tracks
outmyway Horn makes oppone crashes
buy free purchase(career mode)

'N' is up to here

Cheats part is up to here

Last updated on 29th June, 1999