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My Documents - Store your documents


Sorry, but this feature is current under construction. You can view the progress below.


History Progress

Date Progress
8th January 2002 My Documents applet Version 0.1 alpha created.
6th January 2002 My Documents page created.

Program Progress

MyDoc V0.1A (Not released to public):


1 - stores up to 200Kb of files.
2 - access server automatically after 20 seconds.

Known bugs(too many... only 2 major are listed):

1 - Applet crashes I.E. after 4 minutes
2 - Applet not build-in, hence may also crash computer(not happened on mine yet)

Next Version: MyDoc V0.1 (Will be released to public)

Proposal: Eliminate known bugs (at least major ones). Increase to at lease 250Kb or above.

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Last updated 7 January 2002