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KEONI Sites is built to connect a group of interesting computer sites. Current there is only 2: Windows X98P/TTD Extreme. But my target is far from reached. My target is to reach 10 sites(groups) before Aug 2002. Therefore, I need your help. However, I myself have several expections.

An experienced webmaster with AT LEAST 1 year experience

AT LEAST 56k internet access.

Equiped with: Dreamweaver/Flash/Fireworks (all will be best) + ICQ (must, I hate instant e-mails)


Still think you're ok?? E-Mail (not instant reply) me by clicking the image below or add me in ICQ-16932437.

Finally, an important notice. Including me, I only want 2 more webmasters.

E-Mail -

Last updated 11 January 2002