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                                                       Today's Homework


General:Receipt Of 1)Letter about Spring dinner 2)P.T. Meeting on 2/6/99(Hand in also Reply Slip)
                3)Green about health 4)Letter about Health Dapertment
Chinese: --N / A--
French:Correct Mid-Exam.Paper
English:Next Dictation Pg.1- 5
Maths:--N / A--
E.P.A:--N / A--
Computer:--N / A--
Pu Tong Hua:--N / A--
C. History:--N / A--
History:--N / A--

Important Days(Festivals)

Normal School has already resumed.

Long Holidays

Next long Holiday will be held at 15-2-1999,and end at 23-2-1999.

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