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England Trip 2002

Date: 23rd March 2002, Saturday
Total numbers of photos taken: 4

Time Location
0900 - 1000 Nottingham University (2 pictures avaliable)
IMG_0006.JPG (61kB)
IMG_0007.JPG (42kB)
1100 - 1400 Nottingham City Centre (1 pictures avaliable)
IMG_0008.JPG (58kB)
1600 - 1700 Ikea Retail Park (Shops - Ikea/Decathlon) (1 picture avaliable)
IMG_0009.JPG (51kB)
1700 - 1900 Nottingham City roundabout (Pictures N/A)

Img_0006.jpg (512x384)

Description: Keoni with a house in the background

Location: Nottingham University (Law School)

Time: 09:45GMT (17:45HKT)

Img_0007.jpg (512x384)

Description: Keoni with a tent in the University's Millenium Garden

Location: Nottingham University (Law School)

Time: 09:46GMT (17:46HKT)

Img_0008.jpg (512x384)

Description: Colourful balloons in the background forms the basis of this image

Location: Nottingham City Centre (Old Market Square)

Time: 11:07GMT (19:07HKT)

Img_0009.jpg (384x512)

Description: Kennie testing with a golf club in Decathlon

Location: Ikea Retail Park

Time: 16:52GMT (00:52HKT)