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England Trip 2002

Date: 24th March 2002, Sunday
Total numbers of photos taken: 17

Time Location
0700 - 1700 Nottingham -M1-> Chesterfield -A617-A619-A623-A6-> Manchester -M63-M61-> Bolton Horwich Retail Park (7 pictures avaliable) -M61-M6-A74-M74-> Glasgow -A82-> Dumbarton for accomodation
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1700 - 1900 Dumbarton -A82-> Glasgow City Roundabout (9 pictures avaliable)
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Img_0177.jpg (384x512)

Description: Keoni faking a pair of legs

Location: a Mcdonalds in the Bolton Retail Park

Time: 10:38GMT (18:38HKT)

Img_0178.jpg - Img_0182.jpg, Img_0004.jpg (512x384)

Description: Panaramic view of Bolton Retail Park

Location: Bolton Retail Park car park

Time: 10:40GMT (18:40HKT)

Img_0184.jpg (512x384)

Description: Shot down Kelvinbridge

Location: Kelvinbridge, Glasgow

Time: 17:22GMT (01:22HKT)

Img_0010.jpg (384x512), Img_0011.jpg (512x384)

Description: Under Kelvinbridge

Location: Kelvinbridge, Glasgow

Time: 17:32GMT (01:32HKT)

Img_0012.jpg (384x512)

Description: Keoni with a clock tower behind

Location: Glasgow City Centre

Time: 17:54GMT (01:54HKT)

Img_0013.jpg - Img_0017.jpg (512x384)

Description: Panaramic view of Glasgow City Centre

Location: Glasgow City Centre

Time: 18:00GMT (02:00HKT)