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Hints section

Bloacking an opponent's vechicle

Step 1 Build a depot two squares away from your rival's road.
Step 2 Build two tracks from your depot across your rival's road.
Step 3 Build a train. Start it & RETURN BEFORE GOING ACROSS THE ROAD.
Step 4 Sell it & demolish all tracks except the piece across the road. The signal remains blinking?? You made it.

Save thousands on farmlands

Step 1 Build trees along the route of tracks/roads on the farmland. This will be around £15 in 195x, & around £30 in 198x. Literally it will not cost £100 before 202x.
Step 2 Build tracks/roads. This will save thousands then building directly on the farmlands

Trap an opponent's train


Last updated 25th December 2001