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If you don't have any idea what the Initials mean, please check at home page.

Cheats Section <CHT>

To my highest knowledge, there is no "real" cheats for TTD. But there are several cheats that are not so well known, although people are saying about them out there. I have tried them before.

Cheat 1 - Company Backrupt Cheat

Benefit(s): Free money for up to £1,000,000,000

Risk(s): Crash rate as high as 80%

Step 1 When a company is about to go bankrupt, & asks you whether to buy their company, say "NO".
Step 2

Open the company's window, & buy 75% of their shares.

Figure 2 What a beautiful cool woman!

Step 3 Remain that window UNCLOSED. After around three months they will sold off all their property & their value will be yours. You will make millions!

Just a word of warning: I have tried this several times & it CRASHES, please don't ask me if it does. (SAVE BEFORE USE)

Cheat 2 - Scenario Cheat


1) Free road building
2) Free Land reshaping, deleting trees will not create a bad impression for the Local Athority.

3) Unlimited Town Expansion

Risks: May not be able to change back to Save Game Format

Step 1 Save your game, then go out to windows & modify it from xxxxx.sv1 to xxxxx.sv0, this will change the file from Save Game Format to Scenario format.
Step 2 Open your file using the Scenario Editor & edit it as you wish.
Step 3 After editing, remember to change to back from xxxxx.sv0 to xxxxx.sv1. Load it in & enjoy!

Another word of warning: I have also tried this, in Step 3 after I have loaded to the renamed file, the computer recognised it as a scenario file but not a saved game, I can never play that game again. (SAVE BEFORE USE)

Cheat 3 - Tunnel Cheat

Benefit(s): Make money as least 4 billion pounds.

Risk(s): Only works in Transport Tycoon Original. Don't try in TTD.

Step 1 Find the longest tunnel you can build across the continent & click: You are a billionaire!

Oh! Not another warning...: It works as the computer recognises a negative number as a positive number. Sometimes you may find that the computer recognisesit as a negative number & said that you owed the back a billion pounds!

Hints Section <CHT>

There are lots of hints that I can't even think of any at the moment!! Please accept my apologies as we move across from the Hints Section to the Tips Section.

Tips Section <CHT>

Loads of loads of tips coming up.

Tip 1 - Road Vechicle Tip

Benefit(s): Stop your opponents from making cash. Instead, they have even lost their running costs!

Risk(s): Although the money will be repaid, you may not have enough to buy a new locomotive at the first place.

Step 1

Built a new depot along the road of your opponent. Build it a square backwards from the road. Don't ask, it's just the rule.

Figure 3 Notice the price!! I can build a SH 8P for £9,000 & a demonstration depot costs me 511!

Step 2

Build a track from the depot to the road, buy a new train, send it out.

Step 3 Important: Just before it reaches the road, TURN BACK(of course I mean the train), & the signal will be left red FOREVER. (hahaha)
Step 4

Delete the depot & the piece of useless track....

Figure 4 The best picture of all time...

Another apology for you TTD fans... I am sorry I don't have enough time at the moment, so please check back later... I promise I will update the site during term break... Thank you your support!

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