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If you don't have any idea what the Initials mean, please check at home page.

Different Climate Industries <DCIT>

Different climate of course have different ttypes of industries. Basically Sub-Tropic / Sub-Arctic are the same. Normal is the most used. Please accept my apologies when I describe the Toyland climate- Stupid.

Sub-Tropic/Sub-Arctic (Mainly based on sub-arctic)

Producer Processor Receiver Typical Productions
Farm (Maize, Livestock, Wheat) Food Processing Plant(Food) Cities

80tons of wheat/maize

180 tons of livestock

Gold/Diamond Mine (Gold/Diamond) Bank N/A 80 bags of Gold/Diamond
Forest/Lumber Mine(Wood) Factory/Sawmill(Goods) Cities 112tons of Wood
Oil Wells (Oil) Oil Refinery(Goods) Cities 9,600 litres of Oil

Normal Climate - Classified from the most profitable services

Producer Processor Receiver Typical Productions(per month) Extreme Productions (for me)
Coal Mine(Coal) Power Station N/A 120 tons of Coal 1080 tons of Coal!!
Forest(Wood) Sawmill(Goods) Cities 117 tons of Wood We await your record-please send to me...
Farm(wheat/livestock) Factory (Goods) Cities

80tons of Livestock

80 tons of wheat

We await your record-please send to me...
Iron Ore Mine Steel Mill Factory 70 tons of Iron Ore We await your record-please send to me...
Oil Rig/Oil Wells Oil Refinery Cities 9,600 litres of oil We await your record-please send to me...

Different Climate Trains <DCIT>

From the top-rite corner: Collier Tank(Steam) 45mph 300hp 1924

Gresley A4(Steam) 80 mph 1,200hp 1945 | BR Class 8P(Steam) 90mph 1,600hp 1955 | Metro-Cammell DMU(Diesel) 55mph 300hp 1956

BR Class 37(Diesel) 90mph 1,900hp 1960 | BR Class 47(Diesel) 100mph 2,580hp 1963

From the center-top: BR Class 86(Electric) 100mph 3,600hp 1969 | BR Class 87(Electric) 110mph 5,400mph 1973

Actually, there is 1 small problem... I think every one recognises IC 125 at the second last... I have placed it wrongly, sorry

BR Class 43(IC 125 - Diesel) 125mph 4,500hp 1975 | TGV(Third from top)(Electric) 140mph 8,000hp 1984

Sprinter DMU (Diesel) 70mph 400hp 1985 | EuroStar(Electric) 165mph 8,000hp 1994

From the top-left corner: MONORAIL X2001(Electric) 190mph 9,000hp 1998 | Millenium Z1(electric) 210mph 10,000hp 2005

From the rite-bottom: MAGLEV - Magnetic Leviation Lev1(Electric) 250mph 10,000hp 2020 | Lev2(Electric) 280mph 12,000hp 2028

Lev3(Electric) 300mph 15,000hp 2035 | Lev4(Electric) 400mph 20,000hp 2037