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Welcome, You are @ Homepage

If you don't have any idea what the Initials mean, please check at home page.

Figure 1 Notice the top right corner, a train is too lond for the Dunblane Station, messy ainit

Latest update (30/12/2001): New scenario page avaliable!! Click here (10/10)

This website consist of the following sections:-


CHT - Cheats Hints Tips
This section brings you the known cheats & bugs in Transport Tycoon Deluxe.(Although there is not much) The Hints gives you a clue to defeat the "hardest" computer opponents. The Tips section teaches you how to become a successful Transport Tycoon by naughty means.

DCIT - Different Climate Industries & Trains
This section will present you with vechicles & industries from different climate & how they are changed. Vechicle lists are also present.

TTSB - Transport Tycoon School of Building
This section is the heart of the web site. It teaches you mainly to build trains, especially a high speed train network that will bring you a heavy profit. Buses, Ships & Air transport will also be taught.

SUPD - Scenarios Utilities Patches Download
Actually this is self explainatory. This section will bring you the downloads of scenarios from the world. Patches including links to the famous patch - TTDPatch & TTD Alter.

LTOW - Links To Other Webpages
Another self expainatory section. Links rated in stars.

BASAI - Bugs And Stupid AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Everything has a dark side, not excluding TTD. This section will shows you the dark side of Transport Tycoon

TTDF - Transport Tycoon Deluxe Forum
I hope there will be somebody leaving messages!

This site is not copyrighted!! Copy boys! Last Updated:30th December 2001