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Welcome to the TTD Extreme Start page. This web site haven't been updated for the last 2 years. The reson for my re-construction is becasue my interest in TTD grew so great that I want to dedicate a website for this game. However, due to the lack of maintenance for the last 2 years because of other works, this page has been left over. However, this is even luckier for the other pages. e.g. All the other pages here are lost due to the renaming / deleting over the last 2 years. Below are the stage of refurbishments:

1st Stage(Before 2nd December): Reconstruction of the start page.

2nd Stage(Before 9th December): Finish at least 50% of TTDEV2.0

3rd Stage(Before 17th December): Finish TTDEV2.0, released, & promoted. Starts TTDEV2.1(DHTML)

4th Stage(Before 20th December): Finish at least 50% of TTDEV2.1

5th Stage(Before 23th December): All TTD Extreme Versions completed & released.

6th Stage(After 8th December): Re-Construction of TTD Page Version 1.0


Re-Construction Progress

Today (2nd December 2001):

Start Page: 100%

TTD Extreme Version 2.0: 20-25% ETF/STF: 9 Dec/17 Dec

TTD Extreme Version 2.1: 0% ETF/STF: Unknown/23 Dec

TTD Page Version 1.0: 65% ETF/STF: Before 20 Dec/Undefined

All webpages except TTDPage V1.0 are new pages. the 65% of the TTDPage V1.0 is the dacay of the 100% 2 years ago. All of the 65% needs to be destroyed & re-built.



TTD Page Version 1.0

Created 2nd August 1999

TTD Extreme Version 2.0

Created 1st December 2001


TTD Home



TTD Description

Also visit my website

Version 2.0 Scheduled Time of Finish 17 Dec

Version 2.1 Scheduled Time of Finish 23 Dec

2nd August 1999

This page was created!

1st December 2001

A severe re-construction process was under way. This includes maintenance of the old pages, creation of the new pages & refining them.

2nd December 2001

The first stage of maintenance progress completed. (Maintenance of theis page) For the old page, click here

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