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Welcome to Windows X98P V2.5
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KEONI Site HQ Windows X98P TTD Extreme Year 10 Community Site Construction Experts
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Developing OS.

Version Binary bits Likeness Release date Internet
Windows .NET
Server 64bit Limited E.
Windows NT 5.1 64 bit NT Structure Unknown released - Auguest 2001 Fully supported
Windows .NET
Standard Server
32 bit NT Structure Mid 2002
Windows .NET
Advanced Server
Windows .NET
Data Centre 32bit
Windows .NET
Data Centre 64bit
64 bit NT Structure
Windows .NET Webserver 32 bit NT Structure
Windows XP for Tablet PC Windows CE 2.0 64 bit WinCE + XP End 2002
Windows NT 5.2
(Codename: Longhorn)
Windows NT 5.2 64 bit (NT Structure) Unknown Early 2002
Windows NT 6.0
(Codename: Blackcomb)
Windows NT 6.0 64/128 bit?? 2004

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