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I haven't got anything to do recently, so I started up building a whole new scenario from scratch. I haven't got any initial plan before building, & started off building a city in the centre of the map, & renamed it Hattingfield, which is better than the TTD named one, which is something Market. I don't want long names(comparitively) in the scenario, some I just started building another cities, the second one was called Wenbury (another renamed city), and the third called Middletown(still renamed), then I build roads around them. As I was building, I wonder what name should I gave it, and the idea of using A1 was completely thrashed as I named the Hattingfield RIng Rd A1. So I named it A6 (no special reasons, just came into my mine that second. From then on, I started building cities, & roads starting from Hattingfield. All roads are classified. Roads to the North starts with 1, roads to the West starts with 6, roads the the South starts with 3, & roads to the east starts with 8. Then I started to twist the roads, making them curl around a straight line. By the time I finished 1950, there were 5 main roads(1 motorway): A6 Hattingfield <-> Middletown, A1 Hattingfield Road Road, M101 Hattingfield <-> Flanfingfield, A87 Hattingfield <-> Seborough, & A3 Hattingfield <-> Mendinghall. All the roads (except Motorways) are curled up in order not to provide a straight line. There were only 2 industries, Seborough Coal Mine -> Middletown Power Station, & Seborough Forest -> Middletown Saw Mill. Train routes are not impossible, but very hard. As the Middletown industries are all hidden in the downtown, there is no other way to connect it except demolishing all the buildings. There are two roads which serve the Forest & the Coal Mine. They were A87(quite far away, but still within coverage) to Hattingfield, from there connection to Middletown in possible, & A8687, which leads to A86 or A1886(M1886 in 1970), which leads to the North.

More to come...

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