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All the roads listed below are Main Roads. (1950)

Number Starting from Via Town 1 Via Town 2 Ending at Special Notes
A1 Hattingfield N/A N/A Hattingfield
Hattingfield Ring Road
M101 Hattingfield N/A N/A Flanfingham

Change at J3 for A87 to Sebrough

Hattingfield - Flanfingham (THE NORTH)

A101 Flanfingham N/A N/A Prontbridge

End at Prontborough for A111

Flanfingham - Prontbridge (THE NORTH)

A111 Prontborough N/A N/A Brenfingpool

End at Brenfingpool for A18

Prontborough - Brenfingpool (THE NORTH)

A18* Brenfingpool Larnhall N/A Dredingbury

End at Dredingbury for A1886

Brenfingpool - Dredingbury (THE NORTH EAST)

A1886* Dredingbury N/A N/A J A86/A8687

End at Lower Rahattan for A86/A8687

Dredingbury - (Seborough) (THE SOUTH)

A6* Hattingfield Dradhead Cross Munbridge Middletown

Change to Shorfingfield A601 for Wenbury

Hattingfield - Middletown (THE WEST)

A8 Hattingfield N/A N/A Gronningstone J B887/A87

Change at Gronningstone B887 for A87 to Seborough

Hattingfield - Gronningstone (THE EAST)

A87 M101 J3 N/A N/A Seborugh

Starting place in middle of M101, not convenient

(Flanfingfield) - Seborough (THE EAST)

B887 J A8/A87 N/A N/A Ludhattan

B road

(Gronningstone) - Ludhattan (THE SOUTHWEST)

A8687 J A86/A1886 N/A N/A J A87/A8687

Use as a connecting road between A86 & A87

(Seborough) - (Dredingbury) (THE NORTH)

A3 Hattingfield N/A N/A Mendinghall

End at Mendinghall for A3334

Hattingfield - Mendinghall (THE SOUTH)

A33 Mendinghall N/A N/A Prontbridge Mendinghall - Prontbridge (THE EAST)
A34 Mendinghall N/A N/A Southport

Southport - Third largest City

Mendinghall - Southport (THE SOUTH)

A3334 J A3/A3334 J A3334/A33 J A3334/A34 J A3334/A36 Mendinghall Ring Road
A36 Mendinghall Dudwood N/A Fendingworth

End at Fendiworth for A366

Mendinghall - Fendingworth (THE WEST)

A366* Fort Bruhill City Fendingworth Flinnpool Munbridge

End at Munbridge for A6

(Fort Bruhill City) - Munbridge (A6) (THE NORTH)

J for juction, * for Long Distance Roads (Diplayed in game as (The XXX-direction)



M601 Hattingfield - Wenbury Direct

M36 Mendinghall - Munbridge (A3<>A6<>M601) SouthWest Express

A3 Hattingfield - Mendinghall changed to A3(M)



M101 Hattingfield - Flanfingway, A101 Flanfingway - Prontbridge, A111 Prontbridge - Brenfingpool, A18 Brenfingpool - Drendingbury changed to M1 THE NORTHEAST Freeway Hattingfield - Drendingbury

A87 Seborough - M1 J3 changed to A87(M)

A6 Hattingfield - Middletown changed to A6(M)



M1 Hattingfield - Dredingbury extended to South Hattingfield, a new motorway with Hattingfield city limits called Hattingfield bypass was built (A1(M)).

A1886 Dredingbury - (Seborough) changed to A1886(M)


M38 SouthEast Trailer was built, it was extended to the Second largest city at that time, Pronnridge, ending as A38(M). A33 was demolished. M38 SouthEast Trailer was expected to reach Seborough by 1970.



M38 SouthEast Trailer extended thru every new town in the South East, reaching Upper Seborough. A stratch of A38(M) was built to go to THE NORTH via A1886(M), while the M38 ends at A8687(M), and reaching A87(M).

A8687 changed to A8687(M)

1975 to be released...

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